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Your Consultant is Christine Tangerine

My Story

Click here to visit my blog.  I ordered my Scentsy Business Starter Kit before I ever used a Scentsy bar! I was looking for a wedding gift for my niece. I called the Scentsy consultant I met at a Home Show in Salt Lake City and asked her for a warmer and 2 bars. She said she would order them for me but I wouldn't receive it in time for the wedding. She told me I could pick up my order in Meridan, Idaho, which is where the wedding was. My husband and I drove to Idaho on a Saturday and when I arrived at my hotel I had a package waiting for me. Heidi Thompson, President of Scentsy, had brought my order to the hotel! She also included an invitation to learn more about the company and sign up as a consultant. Needless to say, I was impressed with their customer care, and on a Saturday evening too! I was so excited to show my niece this cool Scentsy thing I'd found. I showed her how it worked, and she loved it! I just knew at that moment that this Scentsy thing was going to be BIG, and I wanted to be a part of it. (And I wanted my own Scentsy bar.) I joined Scentsy in November of 2005, just one year after Scentsy relaunched and moved it's operations to Meridian, Idaho. I was the 169th person to sign up with the new company. When I started I didn't fully realize how successful a direct sales consultant could be until I attended my first Scentsy Convention, (recently renamed Scentsy Family Reunion). There, I met several women just like me, but they completely believed in their businesses, they were focused and creative and excited and they had BIG paychecks. They were building their businesses by sharing the opportunity and growing their teams. They were recruiting and encouraging their team members to become successful also. Once I got the picture, I promoted and became a Director of my own team, Scent-z-itis. Scentsy is like a fever, and the excitement is contagious, so our team motto became “Catch it and Spread it!” It turns out that thousands of people everyday are looking for a way to take charge of their financial future by becoming business owners in direct sales. They are looking for a great product that they love and is simple to share. They are looking for a company with generosity and high regard for their consultants. Scentsy has been the answer for well over 300 thousand people! It's been the answer for me in so many ways. I'm so grateful for my Scentsy team. I love to train, encourage, and cheer them on. I've gained amazing new friends that I cherish. I've gained a replacement for my last full-time-job paycheck; and I work way less hours and have far less stress. Best of all, I have all the time I need to spend with my family. I never miss an important event in my children's lives. My decision in 2005 changed my life and I love my Scentsy biz! <!--endbody-->